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Who are you? 

My name is Adam, I run Yes, That's 3D Printed together with my wife, Alicia.

If you follow our social media (which you should!), you might already know that we love 3D printing. Alicia writes most of these posts, and finds the coolest things around the web to showcase every day.

The industry as we know it today, is barely a decade old, and we are still figuring out how and where it can be used. Every day there is new innovation, both in techniques and applications. I have been working in additive manufacturing for a few years now, but still find it incredibly exciting.


Young couple with baby
Alicia, Cali and Adam. Cali hasn't contributed much to the business yet.

In 2022, we decided to turn our passion into a small business.

I searched far and wide for 3D printing products that we could really get behind, and be proud of recommending to potential customers. I looked at hundreds of companies, but there were only a few that truly stood out.

The UniFormation GKTwo lead the pack.

Why the UniFormation GKTwo? 

The GKTwo immediately caught my attention, with its sleek branding and marketing.

I looked a bit more into it, and I found something strange: everyone seemed to be entirely happy with this printer, from this company that I never heard of. Either they were paying a lot of money for fake reviews, or there really is something different about it. 

A few more clicks, and I heard a number of familiar faces — 3D printing experts that I have been following for years — say that it is "the best printer" or "one of the best printers" they have ever used.

It didn't take long afterwards for it to become our flagship product. 

Can I rely on your support?

As you may have noticed, we don't sell many things. We would like to do the few things we do well.

For now, that means becoming the foremost experts on the GKTwo in the west. As well as providing the best possible customer experience for anyone who would like to buy it.

Our customers can always rely on the expertise of UniFormation directly as well, but we hope that our support services will keep you coming back to us. 

We offer a 12 month warranty on all non-consumable parts, and a 14 day no-questions-asked return policy on any item that is unused, and in its original packaging.

We hope to add more products and helpful information in 2023 that will further optimise your resin 3D printing experience.


Thank you,
Adam from Yes, That's 3D Printed

15 Jan, 2023

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