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EIBOS Oceanus 3-in-1 | Automatic Resin Post-Processing | Wash, Dry & Cure

EIBOS Oceanus 3-in-1 | Automatic Resin Post-Processing | Wash, Dry & Cure

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The EIBOS Oceanus is a first-of-its-kind, fully automated resin post-processing system. It can wash, dry and cure your resin 3D prints without human interaction.


The operator only needs to set the desired timing functions, drop the prints into the chamber, and let the machine do the rest of the work.

The Oceanus will automatically

  1. fill the chamber with cleaning fluid
  2. wash the prints
  3. drain the cleaning fluid
  4. dry the prints
  5. and cure the prints.
The user only needs to finally retrieve the finished product.


The user can set all three functions in one go, or set just 1-2 programs as preferred (eg. wash only, cure only, wash & dry etc).


  • Save many hours of work with automated, hands-off post-processing. 
  • Avoid contact with cleaning agents and the fumes/smells they release. 
  • Extra strong washing power
  • More uniform UV light coverage compared to generic wash & cure stations


  • Automatic Liquid System: The Oceanus automatically  pumps cleaning agent into the chamber, and drains it after the washing cycle, similar to a dishwasher.
  • Filters and Valves: The Oceanus is equipped with several drain filters which prevent resin residue or other large particles from entering the pump body. This ensures the reliable operation of Oceanus, even after extended use.
  • Smart water sensors: The Oceanus uses water sensors to automatically detect the current level of liquid in the unit (low, medium, high). In case of overfilling, the unit will alert the user, and stop immediately. There is also an additional sensor in the top cover, for added safety.
  • Settings memory: The Oceanus remembers the last used setting, and allows the user to start it again with just the touch of a button.
  • High torque washing motor: The Oceanus uses a high torque motor with a custom designed impeller for extra strong stirring power. This gives a more thorough, deep-reaching clean than the magnet stirrers of traditional Wash&Cure stations.
  • Increased safety: Using the Oceanus significantly cuts down on the user's physical contact with cleaning agents, as well as the amount of VOCs released into the air from cleaning agents. (Cleaning agents such as IPA are responsible for a large portion of the total VOCs released into the air during resin printing.)
    All electrical components of the EIBOS Oceanus have undergone rigorous screening, and are sourced from the most reliable suppliers. The components are housed safely away from contact with other mechanical parts. The Oceanus uses a low-voltage direct-connected DC power supply, which offers better safety compared to port connections. Internal motors and capacitors receive a strict sealing treatment prior to shipping.

Machine specifications

  • Input voltage: AC 100-240VV 50/60Hz
  • Power output: DC12V 3A
  • Machine size: 240x195x345mm
  • Machine weight: 5kg

Technical specifications

  • Chamber size: 175x125x160mm
  • Light source: 96 lamps, 19W 405nm
  • Fill levels: 1.3L (low), 2.2L (medium), 3L (high)
  • Wash time: 0-12 min
  • Dry time: 0-18 min
  • Cure time: 0-6 min

Software specifications

  • No software required. The Oceanus is operated via a touchscreen on the device.

What's in the box

  • EIBOS Oceanus 3-in-1 automatic resin post-processing system
  • Wash basket
  • 2x Drain hose
  • Plastic container
  • User manual
  • (The product does not include a larger container to hold water/cleaning agents. This would significantly increase the shipping cost of the unit.)
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