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Believe the hype

The latest technologies, packed into one robust printer

UniFormation has been producing 3D printers for dentistry for a number of years before they decided to enter the consumer market.

They wanted to bring the same precision and reliability to desktop users that their professional clients required — without sacrifices.

The new GKTwo is the culmination of many years of expertise, R&D and all the latest tech that resin printing has to offer today.

29.6 micron XY resolution

Using an 8K monochrome LCD screen, the GKTwo prints with almost invisible voxel lines.

Built-in automatic heater

A cold work environment inhibits resin curing, and leads to print failures.

The GKTwo keeps your resins at the optimal temperature of 26°C, improving the reliability of all your prints.

Why Heat Matters in Resin Printing

Odor Removal Filter

The GKtwo's carbon filter absorbs most of the unpleasant fumes normally associated with resin printing.

  • Larger build volume

    A build volume of 228*128*245mm gives the GKTwo the perfect trade-off between resolution, print size and reliability.

  • Tougher nFEP

    nFEP film lasts up to 3 times as long as traditional FEP, and offers better print performance.

  • Post-processing simplified

    We don't like post-processing, so we let the machines do the work. UniFormation's wash and cure stations are easy to use and affordable.

  • Click into place parts

    You will never want to go back to twisting knobs.

  • Quick-change LCD screen

    The LCD screen is much simpler to change than on other printers. Check it out.

  • Resin drip tray

    Save every drop of resin, and keep your workspace tidy.

  • Magnetic fit carbon filters

    Slides into place perfectly. So satisfying.

  • Flip cover

    Saves space and time.

  • Made for humans

    Power button on the front. USB port on the front. Big full color touch screen.