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WARGAMER by FauxHammer | Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Resin | Water Washable (1kg)

WARGAMER by FauxHammer | Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Resin | Water Washable (1kg)

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Formula updated in Feb, 2024.

Wargamer V2 release notes:

  • Improved toughness
  • Toned down surface gloss effect
  • The normal exposure time has increased to ~2.5 sec. If previously printed, please validate again.

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Made for miniatures

Wargamer is a high resolution water washable resin, made to withstand the knocks your minis get during tabletop gaming.

Wargamer is simple to use, and is perfect for both miniatures and scenery.

Sharp gray colour.

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Special thanks to Jordan Davidson of @hausfourteen and Martin Handshaw of Under The Hotend for testing and providing feedback on the resin prior to release.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Michael Leivers

    My purchase of 2kg wargamer resin was a gift for my grandson who will let me know how he got on with your resin how ever I was impressed how quick you was able to send my order as you was at the time out of stock👍👍

    Craig Oglesbee
    Amazing Stuff!

    I’m new to 3D printing, in fact my first attempt at printing ended up as an anomalous blob stuck to the FEP! I watched the Fauxhammer video “Any Printer Start Here” video and I was away! Seriously if you’re struggling go and watch it! Any how I figured I’d give this guy’s own resin brand a go. It’s a bit expensive but it’s bloody magic! It was so easy to dial in and the prints it yielded could easily have been mistaken for a GW plastic kit! Utterly phenomenal and I’m going to buy some more. PS for anyone who thinks i might be affiliated to this brand think again, these are my own thoughts, I bought the resin with my own money and the results have spoken for themselves. Would highly recommend. Picture of my first project piece using this resin.

    Zak Colbert

    Strong, durable and just works, it doesn't matter that it's more expensive as the amount you save from failed prints and broken models and even how much support material you need. Best buy around.

    John Hathaway
    Great resin

    It’s a really good resin with the flex needed for wargaming

    Great but pricey

    Easily the strongest, most flexible and easiest to clean WW resin I've tried. This would be my go-to resin, but due to the price, will only use it where its properties are required, Could really do with a discount or promotion in some way to promote more use.

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