Price matching

At Yes, That’s 3D Printed, we always want to offer the best deals to our customers.

If you have found any of our products cheaper at another store, just ask us, and we will most likely be able to match their price.

Why Price Match?

We want to compete on many things, but not on price.

We want to compete on the quick, human customer service we provide. We want to compete on technical support and expertise. We want to compete on having the quickest deliveries, and best local availability.

We don’t want to compete on price.

Can you match any price?

We offer price matching, because we don’t want you to have to choose between great service or lower prices.

But it is not a magic wand, and we can only offer it as long as it makes sense for us as a for-profit business.

If a competitor’s price is extremely low (eg. because they are doing clearance), we might have to tell you that we aren’t able to match it.

Before you submit your request

Just to be clear, our prices should be the best after you take into account the full cost of a product.

That usually means adding up

  • product price,
  • taxes,
  • shipping.

Some companies sell to you without including taxes, which means you will have to pay extra tarrifs or VAT once your goods arrive to the border.

Our prices include all of these upfront, which lets us deliver the best customer experience.

This way you know exactly how much you're paying upfront, and you won't be responsible for the customs clearance procedure.

If you’re not quite sure whether another store has all of these included, we’re always happy to check for you.

Request a price match

To request a price match, you can send us an email at, or use the form below.

Make sure to include

  • a link to the store where you found the better price
  • the exact product in question
  • the price you would like us to match

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