1. Do I need to have an account to order?

No, you can place an order as a guest. But, there are some perks if you have an account with us:

  • Quicker checkout process
  • Easily view your order status and order history
  • Receive updates about new releases and special promotions


2. How can I track my order?

A tracking number will be provided to you in your shipping confirmation email.


3. What if items are missing or incorrect products when I receive my order?

For missing or wrongly shipped items, please contact us at info@yesthats3dprinted.com. Please quote your transaction reference number (Order #) and provide us with proof. We will be more than happy to reship you the correct item with no extra cost and we will not ask for the item that was wrongly sent to you back! You may keep it as a gift from us.



4. Can I get extra nFEP film, LCD screens etc. for the GKTwo?

Yes, there are nFEP films, resin vats, LCD screens and build plate replacementc for the GKTwo in our store. If you need any other replacement parts, please contact us at info@yesthats3dprinted.com.


5. Will any brand of 3D printing resin work with UniFormation printers, or does it have to be strictly from UniFormation?

UniFormation printers are based on an open material system, meaning they can use any brand of resin, as long as they are curable at a 405nm wavelength, and are made for LCD printers. If you are not quite sure whether a resin will be compatible with the GKTwo, contact us at info@yesthats3dprinted.com, or contact the manufacturer of the resin.

Please note that UniFormation resins have been specifically optimised for the GKTwo and GKOne 3D printers, and are the recommended consumables for these printers. Settings profiles are available for each one in the slicer software. If you use third-party materials, you will need to figure out the print parameters on your own.


6. Is it a polarizer or s screen protector on the lcd screen?

It's a protective film on the LCD that can be removed. But we don't suggest removing it. It can protect the screen from dust, scratch or damage.


7. Got a few failures on one side of the plate, one side of the pad will be hanging down and one side stuck. What should I do?

Every time you fail to print, please check the leveling with the calibration paper first, secondly, filter resin and clean the build plate, then print the leveling test stl again. For more help, please contact our technical support and send us the picture or video of the failed prints.


8. Is my personal information kept private?

Any information that you share with us is private and confidential. At no point will we share, rent or sell your personal information without your consent, except as required by law.