Stories of Wargamer Altruism

With great hobby skills comes great responsibility

This summer we invited 6 talented YouTube creators to use their hobby skills for good.

We said we'd help them make anything...

As long as it was for someone else.

Through their stories we hope to spread those warm fuzzy feelings that come from doing things β€” for others.

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πŸ“‹ Make Something For Someone Else campaign

  1. We send you some Wargamer resin.
  2. You use at least part of it to make something for a friend/family member/colleague etc.
  3. If your make requires extra supplies or expenses, we can pay for those too.
  4. You tell the story behind what you made and who you made it for in a video.

    The video doesn’t need to focus on Wargamer resin, but we would ask that you:
    - Explain that you are doing this as part of the MSFSE campaign, and link to it in the description. We will also showcase your video on the campaign page.
    - Mention that you printed with Wargamer resin, and show the bottle for at least 3 seconds.
    - Demonstrate the flexibility of Wargamer resin in some small way (eg. bending a print with your fingers)

Make Something For Someone Else 2024

Week 1 - Pulsegate Gaming

Dane 3D printed an entire army β€” for his son.