How it works

  • 1.


    You send us your unwanted hobby stuff

    We give you a free shipping label.

  • 2.


    Your items are given to charity

    Our charity partner Game Therapy UK decides the best home for your items.

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    You just made dozens of kids happy

    Your items will either be used in group therapy sessions, or gifted to young people in special care.

What is a Pile of Shame❓

Faded old dice. Boxes unopened years after buying them. 3D printed orks with one ear missing.

The Pile of Shame is any hobby stuff that's collecting dust in your home, and realistically, you will never use it.

(If in doubt, ask your wife.)

Your items will be used to provide therapy

Our charity partner, Game Therapy UK, provides free role-playing game therapy to children and adults who find it difficult to socialise under normal circumstances.

Programs are currently active for:

  • young people with autism
  • young people with special education needs
  • young people with chronic disease
  • veterans
  • adults in recovery or experiencing homelessness

Any surplus equipment that could not be used within group therapy will be donated to the players directly, so they can keep practicing their hobby at home.

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❓ What is role-playing game therapy

Tabletop RPGs have been extensively studied as an effective and enjoyable therapeutic approach.

Games like Dungeons & Dragons provide a structured setting where social interactions are simplified and cooperative, and identities are fictionalised.

Game therapy has been shown to build social skills, empathy and emotional control.

It can also help model new behaviours, teach calculated risk taking and help address trauma under the guidance of a licensed professional.

In less clinical terms, it provides a social outlet for individuals that find it difficult to socialise under normal conditions.

❓ Our charity partner, Game Therapy UK

Game Therapy UK (reg: 1201860) is an international charity providing game therapy to individuals facing social isolation or trauma.

The organisation is run by volunteer clinicians, clinical psychologists, therapists, educators and avid gamers.

In addition to providing therapy, Game Therapy UK is actively collaborating with researchers to study the effects of therapeutic gaming, and develop teachable best-practices.

❓ Why we are doing this

We believe that we are in a better position to organise a tabletop gaming charity drive than most other people or companies.

We already work with many hobbyists, professionals and influencers that can donate or get the word out.

Because we find ourselves in such a privileged position, we would like to do our best to help.

How to participate

We can accept physical donations in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. If you would like to participate from another location, you may consider a cash donation.

Items don't need to be new or in perfect condition, they just need to be usable. Anything goes from new and unopened to fully painted and battleworn.

  • ✅ Items to donate

    • miniatures (D&D, Warhammer, 3D prints etc)
    • tabletop stuff (dice, battle mats etc)
    • hobby tools (paints, brushes etc)
    • resin printing tools
  • ❌ Items not to donate

    • toys, stuffed animals
    • board games
    • video games
    • books, comic books
  • 💌 Monetary donations

    Game Therapy UK is run by volunteers, and has very few administrative costs.

    All monetary donations will be used to set up a new project, working exclusively with young people on the autism spectrum.