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WARGAMER by FauxHammer | Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Resin | Water Washable (1kg)

WARGAMER by FauxHammer | Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Resin | Water Washable (1kg)

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πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί AUSTRALIA & πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ NEW ZEALAND (coming soon)

Made for miniatures

Wargamer is a high resolution, water washable resin, made to withstand the knocks your minis get during tabletop gaming.

Wargamer is simple to use, and is perfect for miniatures and scenery.

Comes in sharp gray colour.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews

    The models come out extremely detailed and are very tough.
    Just make sure to follow the exposure instructions on the website.

    Carlos E Rivera pagan

    Im really glad with the performance, I just wish it would be cheaper

    Kevin Aspinall
    Where to start?

    My GKTWO printer is printing 24/7, it prints scenery and miniatures which I use for wargaming so my models are handled a lot! They also travel around in boxes. Since moving to Wargamer resin my failure rate less than 1% and this resin produces exceptionally detailed models that are easy to clean using just water (I dunk in dirty water, clean water then sonic cleaner). Like I mentioned, I use these models and this resin excels in strength and durability, they survive when dropped and being bashed around in boxes during transport so breakages are very rare saving me time and money fixing and reprinting etc. It takes paint really well and it glues easier than other resins I have used although now I just use a drop of wargamer resin and a uv torch to glue parts together as it holds better than any super glue I have tried. All in all I would highly recommend this resin to anyone and everyone in the miniature hobby world.
    Also Adam at helped me at every step answering every question I had and ordering is easy, delivery is quick. A remarkable product from and incredible company!

    Wargamer 3D Print Resin

    The summary: a very good product - tough and flexible. Yes, it is pricey, but I have found it "failsafe" with any print failures user error. Take into account the lack of failures using this stuff and the price is not so high.

    Long review: it does what is says on the tin: tough, flexible enough that 2mm diameter spear poles don't break and has a high resolution of detail - certainly sufficient for any 28-35mm scale minis you ever want to print. Not tried it for larger scale, but I suspect it will hold its own against the "8k" resins out there. As the instructions note, it becomes substantially tougher after 24 hrs and, anecdotally, continues to increase toughness after this period.

    Slightly more viscous than other resins I have used, and a bit more "sticky" which, I suspect, gives the resin its increased flex. This does make washing a bit trickier as it can cling to crevices more. The instructions on the website are excellent, but I found the following worked very well for me: wash under running water, then the usual clean in alcohol and a soft brush in alcohol worked very well to remove resin from all the hard to reach areas. This resulted in a very clean and crisp result. On my second liter of this stuff and will, no doubt, be buying more.

    In the instructions, suggested settings are for 50 micron layer heights. For 20 microns I used the following on an Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra: 1.7sec layer exposure time (I suspect I could get this lower). Note: I have my enclosure heated to 30 degrees Celsius. Other settings as default.

    Alan Martin
    Faux Hammer Wargamer Resin

    I am a 15/18mm Historical wargamer and the present resin I use is quite expensive so when I saw the advert for Wargamer decided to give it a go. not much information on line so I used the same speed I use for my ABS like resin and the exposure time listed on your website. I ran a mixed print of period and scales and a calibration test, straight off the bat the exposure times were perfect for my Saturn 3 Ultra and everything printed. I washed them for 2 minutes as you state but there were still some shiny bits I where not all the resin had been washed off, I cured them for 10 minutes 5 mins each side with the supports on because that is what you do with my present resin and wanted to do a like for like comparison. Sadly on an 18mm Marching Napoleonic figure the musket just broke with very little pressure applied and there were no supports on this part and scabbards broke so I am sorry for smaller scale Wargaming figures I dont think it is usable and certainly will not be buying another bottle

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